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Experience and Skill at Your Service -
Dean from Malcolm’s Haircutters in Tannersville
Rafael from Malcolm’s Haircutters in Mt. Pocono

How long have you been employed at Malcolm’s Haircutters?

Dean: I was previously employed with Malcolm’s in the East Stroudsburg location from 1988 – 1990. When I relocated back to the Poconos, Malcolm’s Haircutters was where I wanted to be. I’ve been back since November 2017.

Rafael: I’ve been in the Mt. Pocono salon for 8 years. I owned a salon in New York for 13 years prior to working here.

What previous jobs did you have that you feel helped you prepare for this career?

Rafael: I was working in a factory prior to going to beauty school. There I learned to work efficiently and get along with others, both of which are essential skills for success in a beauty salon environment.

Dean: I have only worked four jobs in my life. Jobs in the past were a means to pay my bills, until I hit on my passion for working with hair. But I learned to give my employer my best, even if the jobs I had then were not what I wanted to do forever.

Who has influenced you and inspired you?

Dean: I loved brushing and styling my cousin’s hair. She had long hair like her Barbie doll, and I fell in love with doing hair. So I guess that, believe it or not, my inspiration was the Barbie doll. She was beautiful and had long blond hair - I loved her!

Rafael: My babysitter worked in a salon, and I spent most of my days with her. I loved watching her work on clients, and knew this was something I wanted to do.

What is your service “specialty” behind the chair?

Rafael: I love chemistry, so coloring and texture services, (perming and relaxers) are my specialty.

Dean: When I consult with clients, for many I can visualize what color and haircut style they should wear, and that way I can give them advice on how to look their best. So color and cutting are my specialties.

What do you like best about this career?

Dean: Interacting with the clients. There is nothing better than seeing the result of clients looking better and feeling better.

Rafael: I love being around people. I’m helping clients look better, which makes them feel good. I know that I’ve met their needs and that is the best reward.

What advice do you have for new stylists who have joined the Malcolm’s team?

Rafael: Be patient! It takes time and your commitment to one company that will help you develop into the best stylist you can be. Come to the salon every day to work hard and smart. Focus on the client’s needs and you’ll be successful.

Dean: Have patience with yourself and others. It takes time and patience to develop into the stylist your clients deserve. Be committed to learning and open to criticism. Without both you’ll never achieve your goals in this business.

Both Dean and Rafael are available for appointments - for Rafael in Mt. Pocono, call 570-839-8894; for Dean in Tannersville, call 570-688-2325.

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